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Hamzah Kafaween

bağcilar, İSTANBUL
Verdiği Kurslar: İngilizce Kursu , SSAT Kursu

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Hamzah Kafaween, İSTANBUL BAĞCILAR ve civarında hizmet vermekte olup 14.08.2017 tarihinden itibaren ailesinin bir üyesidir. İSTANBUL ilinde hizmet veren 6425 kurs/özel ders verenden 2183 . sıradadır. Başta İngilizce olmak üzere 2 farklı kurs/özel ders vermektedir. Hamzah Kafaween, 36 gelen talepten 2 tanesine teklif vermiştir.

Kurs/Özel Ders Veren Hakkında
AN EXPERT TEACHER-TUTOR                                <<<< SAT from the basics >>>>
is ready to teach Math -Physics- Science- statistics for English, American, Canadian and Arabic curricula
for schools and universities:
General Math-Algebra-Geometry  IB, IGCSE, SAT, Physics , Calculus I,II,III.., University Physics101,102..English for Academics
Special strategies and support for <<< IICS>>> students
One-to-one tutoring and/or small groups tutoring
Proven results.
About me :
I've been working as a private tutor for more than 12 years in Jordan (the hardest and most developed curriculum in MENA-Middle east and North Africa), Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.
      Even while I was studying mathematical Physics {in which I have bachelor, master, and now preparing for the PhD degrees, as well as many basic fields of Science and Statistics in general,   I combined my love of mathematic&Physics and experiment together, I’m interesting in experiments in the mentioned field even that I’m a theoretical physicist, so I design my own simple experiments to the students as well as use too many related PC software programs and train my students to use and set them (which contributes very effectively in their school projects when their schools ask them to make as a part of activity and participation marks).
I studied another master’s degree, which is METHODS OF TEACHING SCIENCE, to pursue my love of mathematics and physics ın the extremely effective way especially for the basics: as Algebra& Geometry
On the other hand, ready to train elementary and intermediate students as well as non-native English speakers for good and scientific English and Arabic languages also as well as well accurate and scientific English-Arabic translation
  Significant and necessary requirements are involved in my training like motivation and continuous assessment!

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